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Lately, I’ve been distracted by my taxes.

Ugh. The government can be so boring.

I’d much rather spend my effort and energy going towards something…that I believe in, that interests me, that I can #humblebrag about. (sorry TurboTax, but I’m not sure even you can make doing your taxes fun.)

I’d rather put my effort and energy back into my community, the place where I live, work and garden. It turns out, my neighborhood, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, has some pretty cool stuff happening right now.

The Free Portrait Project: Crown Heights is currently raising funds to be able to GIVE AWAY OIL-PAINTED PORTRAITS to residents of the neighborhood at no cost for one entire year. The portraits are a way for artist Rusty Zimmerman to physically document the neighborhood, to celebrate the shifting demographic and diversity of the neighborhood, and to quietly upend the tradition of portraiture reserved for rich, white men. Over 200 lucky people will be recipients of these beautiful artworks, but first, the challenging task of raising money to fund the project must be met.

I’ve had the pleasure of being painted by Rusty. Not just a visual artist, Rusty is an engaged listener, the kind of person who cares deeply about the people he knows and the people he’s only just met, and he clearly puts his heart into his artistry. I believe his project is important, and I want others to benefit from having their portrait painted.

As a yoga teacher, I’ve never managed a fundraiser or organized such a huge community outreach event, but I’ve had the difficult experience of encouraging folks to walk in the door to the yoga studio for the first time, or the second, or the third. As yoga teachers, we don’t make money unless people are interested in showing up for the class.

Unfortunately for the Free Portrait Project, without community-supported fundraising to cover the cost of each portrait, no one gets a portrait. I want to see the faces of my neighbors gathered together on the walls of a gallery, I want this old-fashioned white man’s privilege to become a way to memorialize humanity.

That’s why I am raising money to support this  incredible project.

I’m giving away 2 Ayurveda Consultations and 2 Private Yoga Sessions

to the first 4 bidders at only $50 each.

All proceeds go directly towards the FreePortraitProject: Crown Heights

Normally, a private session with me costs a minimum of $150.

For only $50 (all of which goes towards this venerable cause) you get to work one-on-one with me.

I’m only offering 4 of these sessions, so contact me immediately if you want to get in on this deeply discounted deal AND make a difference in the borough. Who knows, your neighborhood could be next…

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