What is Supper Club?

Supper Club is more than a meal. It is a full day of food immersion in which guests discover the process of a meal from field to table. Once you step foot on the farm, you enter a new world of sensation in which your five senses are reorganized around freshness and the buzz in the fields. In an intimate environment, you will take a private farm tour, help harvest veggies for the meal, and speak with the farmers and chef Hannah about how various vegetables and herbs are grown and used. Leave the stress of the city behind as you stroll through the soft grass, relax under a shady tree and sip seasonal fresh juices. The main event is a five-course plant-based meal, featuring freshly picked organic foods straight from the fields. During each course, Hannah leads a discussion: inviting you to enter into relationship with the food on your plate and the people around you.

When does Supper Club happen?

Throughout the growing season (June-October) Hannah hosts monthly farm-to-table dining events. The schedule is posted under the Events section of this website, where you can register and purchase tickets.

Do you serve meat or animal products?

All Supper Club meals are 100% vegetarian. Hannah usually chooses to prepare only vegan meals, however, if a good looking wedge of cheese walks her way she may not turn it down. It is important that you inform us of any dietary restrictions you have in advance of the event, in order that your request may be honored.

I have eating restrictions, can I attend?

All Supper Clubs are completely vegetarian, and mostly vegan. Because the menu is contingent upon the plants that are available, dietary requests must be given at least 1 week in advance of the event. We will do our best to accommodate requests.

Do I have to purchase tickets?

All Supper Clubs are a limited seating. Advance purchase tickets are necessary to attend.

How do I get to the Farm?

Most Supper Clubs are hosted at Growing Heart Farm, in Pawling, NY. From Grand Central Station it is an easy train ride on the Metro North to the Harlem Valley Wingdale Station. From the train station, take a fifteen minute stroll to the farm.

Is there yoga?

Hannah also regularly chefs events at Growing Heart Farm called Farm to Yoga. Supper Club does NOT include a yoga class: it is intended to feature the plants that we eat and give you a deeper understanding of the process of eating.

What will I do all day? Is it worth it? Will there be enough to eat?

Guest always leave Supper Club with full bellies. There will be plenty of snacks to entice your taste buds, time to relax, meet new people, and speak with the farmers. Hannah began cooking these elaborate meals to fill a gap in the culture of vegetarian fine dining in New York. Her guarantee is that you will go home with a full and satisfied belly.