Journey to Peru 2017

May 27- June 4, 2017

Supper Club

Host a unique dining experience with chef Hannah to guide you and your guests' palates through an adventure of tastes, textures, flavors, and smells inspired by the fruits of the season.

Fall Ayurveda Detox + Cleanse

Upgrade Your Health with Ancient Ayurvedic Wisdom and Live Happily in Your Own Skin

Seasonal Ayurveda Workshop September 27th 2-6pm

Learn the Ancient Ayurvedic Secrets of Seasonal Self-Care

Farm To Yoga at the Brooklyn Grange

Farm To Yoga at the Brooklyn Grange

Join Hannah Gruber with associate chef Rusty Zimmerman for rooftop yoga with Elena Brower and a spectacular farm-to-table meal June 14th

Past Events

Bounty & Bliss August 2013 Cold Spring, NY

July Supper Club 2013

Growing Heart Farm, Pawling, NY July 2013