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Hannah brings over 18 years of experience in philosophical study, yoga instruction, meditation, breathwork, dance, biomechanics, Ayurvedic cooking and lifestyle, Clairvoyance and Energy Healing. Working privately with Hannah is the space you need to sharpen your skills of yoga, meditation, and ayurveda, hone your intuition and spirituality, and deepen your self-wisdom. Individual guidance provides your with personalized yogic tools to meet your where you are so that you can explore the depths of your spirit and self.

Hannah is hands-down, far and away, the best yoga teacher I've ever taken class with

I get more out of classes with her in a conference room at work than I do from the most beautiful of yoga studios! Since I've started taking class with her, I feel stronger and more centered, and my stress level has gone down, too.

Jenny Hirsch, Huge Inc.

Hannah knows that a perfect meal engages us on every level of our being...mind, body, and spirit

Hannah understands that a meal is about more than just eating. The food will be amazing...fresh, local, seasonal, thoughtfully prepared and presented. But what really makes Hannah a special chef - and host - is the overall environment and experience she creates.

Nick Gardner, Co-founder, Watershed

Hannah always surprises me with something more delicious than the last.

She is so creative, always inventive and coming up with the most unique flavors that taste SOOO good and you don't feel guilty eating any of it because it is all so fresh and nutritious. I also had the amazing fortune of having Hannah make the appetizers for my wedding. She took such care with every dish and the presentation was just gorgeous. She literally took my breath away.

Celia Maysles, Documentary Film Director, RN

This was my first time doing a cleanse and it has been a transformative experience

Hannah’s knowledge of Ayurveda, foods and yoga made the guidelines accessible and easy to follow. Since then, food itself now has new meaning. Hannah has been key in my learning experience and I am grateful for her passion and generosity to share this wealth of knowledge and wisdom.

Bernadita Llanos, Full Professor and Department Chair at CUNY Brooklyn College

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