Why OM?

Writings on the sound we sing at the beginning of yoga practice.

This writing is in response to an exercise I did when I participated in 30Words30Days with my dear friend and teacher Susanna Harwood Rubin. She is an incredibly thoughtful and potent writer and yogi who teaches many courses on writing as a yoga practice and yoga mythology/philosophy.

I welcome myself to my body.
I welcome myself to the world.
Stepping into what’s happening
non specific
not yet started
already thought through
yet totally unclear.
it needs no name
no word
no finger pointing.

Om is like coming back to the place where you began. Like finishing what you started and feeling complete.
Om settles the dust
it reaches to all points
and wraps around them.
When I chant Om I feel connected.
I try to connect
I try to tap in.

I feel Om in my belly. I feel Om in my spine. I feel Om in my head.

Om is to participate more deeply in the Universe. This is crude, this writing that I am performing. But in a way, this is an extension of me into that, into more than myself. Putting myself out there, making a plain offering, no strings attached. That’s hard to do. To step into the vibrational hum, to walk out onto Broadway and be part of everything that’s moving. To watch the people go by and feel the rage, anger, anxiety, joy, sadness, love.

Right now, I don’t know what it means to participate more deeply in the Universe. Right now, participating in the Universe feels like “letting go” to my “higher power”. Whatever that is. It’s that I have no control. It’s that more is happening than this small sliver of my life. What’s happening right now feels like everything. It feels like life and death, existence or non-existence. Love or perpetual sadness.

I just want to feel love. Is Love the nature of the Universe? If I let go can I feel the Love? Is the love inside me? Am I inside of it? If I let go am I part of something greater? How do I find the “greater sense” inside of myself?

How do you identify with the sound of “OM”? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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